Today’s world of internet is all about kindle, memes and trolls. There is a space where people still like to read from an actual book, read to quotes etc. Talking about quotes, “citáty”, can be real treat to life if one has the enthusiasm or just a tiny bit of interest towards it. Specially, nowadays the world works on internet and social media. If it is observed then we might just find a quote all around the place.


You can find a quote in someone’s random picture or even in movies or short videos in movies. Though it is proven that in this world of stress and pressure one simple light hearted sentence can give you power or energy. Take it for instance you will find motivational lines or quotes in places like offices, gym etc where one actually needs to get motivated and it is for given that a simple line will push in some amount of energy which would charge you up.

Few things citáty does –

  • Cures Procrastination – The most common disease we all have at a point of the day is procrastination. Whilst being observing something deeply we could get intertwined within our own thoughts and get into self-analysis. But a couple of inspirational quotes would actually help us get through it.
  • Caters to the subconscious – Inspirational and Motivational quotes directly communicate with our sub conscious mind which is actually the most of our mind. Triggering the sub conscious mind for a creative change or the creativity embedded in your mind can be done by some serious inspiring quotes.
  • There’s one for everyone – There are probably billions of quotes in the world and it is not like it only caters to the intellectual part of the population. The speciality is that it is for everyone and anyone.

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