Getting your house renovated? Moving into a new house? All that matters when it comes to house décor is the lighting. Home lighting is the mood set by the hosts for the visitors and its actually very vital to get it right these days. So, here are some Home lighting tips and ideas.

  1. Plan the structure of lighting first – Don’t just buy bulbs and fairy lights and just place it wherever you feel there is place available. Plan it and place it appropriately.
  • Set the colour combinations accordingly – Coloured Lights are a trend now also it gives in the vibe easily so carefree lighting is good but careless lighting can cause a serious transition of good vibe to bad vibe.
  • Place the furniture appropriately – Sometimes when people have loads of furniture in their house, it can block some real creative brilliance within the house. So, placing the furniture aptly is a must.
  • Get automated – Almost everything is automated right now and we have the availability of smart bulbs and AI’s around so why not get it easier and make it more convenient for ourselves.
  • Make sure the lighting is sufficient – Lighting should be sufficient in places where it is required.
  • Make sure it’s enough but not over done or under par – Less is more these days. But surely here the home lighting tips and ideas are just to be apt for the necessity cause over doing it can be embarrassing at times.
  • Theme of the Lighting should be welcoming- The theme of your home lighting should be very straight to understand. Sometimes people overdo it and the creative brilliance might just seem like a complete chaos and certainly can cause change of moods of people.

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