The website is a web tool service which provides for a way to see and download photos from Instagram. It also allows you to download photos and stories from private accounts on Instagram. This web viewer which works specifically for Instagram is completely based online due to which a client will not have to download anything anywhere – whether computer, phone or any other device.

  • What is so special about Instagram?

Instagram is currently one of the most used photos and video sharing sites. It was launched back in the month of October in 2010. Back then, it was only available to users of iOS – iPhone and iPad. However, in the year 2012 in the month of April, it released a version making it available for all devices irrespective of whether it is an iOS or Android. Almost soon enough, it made another limited web-only version, that was made available from November 2012. Around four years later, in the year 2016 in the months of April and October respectively, Instagram made two releases for the Windows 10 mobile version as well as for Windows 10. Currently, it runs under Facebook.

  • What makes this feature so special?

Well for starters, when a profile is private, you are unable to see any of its pictures or videos. However, with the help of this webtool, you can not only view the photos and videos but you can also download them! Not just that, you could also use this app and its various in-built features to edit the pictures and videos that you download and then again re-upload them on Instagram – all through one single app! This way, you’ll be able to utilise various filters, add light and shades as well as ensure that you’re putting up the picture on Instagram.

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